As long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a Pianist

This blog is meant to be where I share my journey as a pianist, with topics including music theory & composition, performance advice & tips, my travels and explorations of various musical cultures worldwide, and more. It’s also an inspirational space for new ideas – everything from techniques in production to technological advances in music-making.

I know that I am no expert on these subjects just yet (as I am still learning and growing as a musician). However, this blog offers insight into how one can progress toward achieving their dreams through hard work and dedication – something that has always been very inspiring for me!

“A pianist is like a painter, bringing beauty to life with every note they play.” – Benton Greene

My name is Benton Greene, and I am a professional pianist from the United States. I currently reside in the vibrant city of Illinois, where I enjoy immersing myself in its vast music scene.

Throughout my journey as a musician, I’ve had many great opportunities to perform for diverse audiences worldwide – venues such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and The Royal Albert Hall included! Being exposed to different cultures has enabled me to develop an even greater appreciation for music from other countries. It has been wonderful to see how passionate people are about this art form, regardless of nationality or location.

I have always believed that music can bring us closer together and help heal broken hearts – something that has become especially apparent during this pandemic era. That’s why on this blog, you’ll find articles touching on these topics to provide motivation, tips & tricks, and sound advice for aspiring musicians everywhere.

Thanks for joining me on this musical journey – let’s get started!

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